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Learn Local courses (pre-accredited courses)

Each of these courses provides you with an opportunity to improve your skills. These are initial vocational training courses that provide a pathway to accredited training and/or employment. These courses are delivered with Victorian Goverment funding to those who are eligible.

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This course is for students with a disability that are computer literate and who wish to extend their computer skills to incorporate computer coding and programming. There are many benefits associated with on-going learning including building important life skills such as organisational skills, higher order thinking, self-esteem, socialisation and teamwork.

Computer skills appeal to many students who are especially receptive to concrete, non-abstract concepts.

The career skills course focuses on employment pathways, enabling participants to gain skills in four essential areas that are embedded across many occupations.  This course focusses on the job skills of customer service, workplace administration, sales and safe work practices. The aim of the course is to upskill participants to increase their chances of gaining employment and/or apply for higher job roles or explore new career paths.

This course focuses on computer skills that will help participants who are looking to undertake further study or employment. It is designed for learners who have basic computer skils. Key areas covered in the course include managing files, creating a cloud account and saving work/files to the cloud, google docs, converting files, editing images, digital navigation and search skills and creating presentations for work and further education.

This course allows adults with a disability to creatively express themselves in a variety of visual art mediums. In a caring, fun and inclusive environment, participants will experience and appreciate the joy of the arts, whilst building art skills, self-esteem and confidence.

Participants work alongside an experienced artist to complete art projects that promote problem solving and creativity, enabling them to make choices and find solutions to challenges through the creative process.


iPads significantly assist students with a disability, enhancing their ability to communicate, learn and access internet information. The course covers access to a range of applications and tools using an iPad to assist with everyday tasks and on-going learning. This course is designed to empower people with a disability to work towards goals and achievements to support independence.

The Café provides the opportunity for people with a disability and/or ABI to gain basic hospitality skills including food preparation and front of house service.  Participants learn about food planning, preparation, cooking, hygiene and customer service.  A qualified trainer in hospitality will provide all necessary basic theory and practical training needed for students to assist in running a community café. In addition, the Café provides a pathway for the participants to further study, volunteering or paid work.  The Café operates every Friday during school terms with morning teas being served from 10.30am followed by lunch, closing around 1.30pm.

The Café operates every Friday during school terms with morning teas being served from 10.30am followed by lunch, with the Café closing around 1.30pm.

Cooking is an essential life skill. For individuals with disabilities, our special needs cooking classes not only equip individuals with the necessary tools for greater independence, but also promote social and community participation.

Students undertake meal preparation, cook a variety of meals, complete table settings and clean up after cooking. Incorporated into the sessions are meal planning, budgeting, kitchen hygiene, numeracy and literacy skills when reading and following recipes.


Nature journalling is the practice of drawing or writing in response to nature. This fun, relaxing practice helps you to connect more closely with nature, and results in the creation of your own unique nature journal. Journalling calms your mind and increases your attention to detail and appreciation of beauty.

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